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Spotify: What’s up with random songs not playing?

Spotify America

I recently signed up for a premium account with Spotify. Overall, I’ve enjoyed the service so far. However, now that I’m a paying customer I’m pissed off that some tracks won’t play. No, I’m not talking about the tracks that aren’t licensed to play in the United States. Spotify usually provides an alert when that happens. Rather, I’m referring to those songs that simply don’t play at all and no reason is given.

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Internet Comment Policies of Indianapolis Major Media Outlets

Anonymous Comments

Over the years I’ve noticed a growing trend, particularly on news based websites, of Internet commenters leaving racially tinged or controversial messages often not shared in public discourse. Internet users continue to hide behind the freedom of anonymity that has graced the Internet since it’s inception. However, according to a New York Times Article published in April, major online news publications are changing their comment policies to help keep opinions more civil.

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